Guller – Ya picked da wrong prole to fuck wit

Bout to pass out in da jack with bout a half ounce in me kacks.
i’m comin’ for every shillin’ in da stash.

Going all in with the chip on my shoulder, takin’ aim at the officer class sending us over the top with economic policy. Dragged up in Darndale with a mind choppin up ur beliefs like its butchers meat combo moves of non sequiturs, resentment an deep fried brie. Lashin’ into the preachings of those high priests of delusion, economists whispering rewards of stability in return for blood sacrifice. No longer even botherin to offer heaven instead we’ve been surrounded by a picture of hell where shop fronts morph into a bed an place to dwell property prices protected from the populace. I and many others have had our fill.

Always lookin’ to the sky for guidance the kind of vast expansive skies we get in the habitats. Never quite able to fall into step or walk either side of the line for long. One of the new breed, self educated in the slums, sharp as tacks n flick knives workin before it was legal now I’m comin for each an every hack justifyin’ blood sacrifice with economic attacks while nickin every penny from ur stash. Take too much time for ya to clock when I snatch whats sweet in ur lies replaced with truth too raw to censor coz dis was formed under duress an extreme pressure. Hard rocks droppin gems, took some time but dis game is now mine.

Currently undercover in Rathmines, learning to move like a cuntser, until I can get em to stop an drop the self obsession maybe get em contemplatin the implications of a world view consisting of tolerance of poverty an a justification of inequality. All it takes is a coffee an a lil time to contemplate your own philosophy an if ya realise you been living unwittingly in a cruel ideology, dat right there is the thought to set you free. To quote Loki ‘Its a costly business dealing with autonomy.’

so chill an take some time to peruse some of my inspirations, role models, guides an sometimes head wreackers.

Loki: Second Wind – Kill your darlings

G.I Workin’ Class Records-French Connections (Tracks 4 5 n 6 are my current favourites, it’ll change.)

Hip Hop from Dublin’s finest Workin’ Class records, who have been preaching the message.

Between Loki and Workin’ Class records my brain cells ignited there were others just like me an there are many more.

Then I found dis:

and that led me to dis and and I highly recommend

I’m one voice, now go find the others.

Dara Quigley @daquigles

yeah round the way we can hear the lyrics ring.

An I’ve dropped more than is decent on dis page, first to spot em wins a pocket full of empty promises.

Get to be the cool kid with the revolutions soundtrack from the habitats.

From G.I, The Daily.

its time to make a timely decision
form a tidy militia
an run amuck until
the cunts who put us in dis position
are rightly imprisoned
we live in grimy conditions
while these slimy malicious political figures
n religious officials are stittin on trillions..
To dat strugglin government tryna half ur cheques
you worth more than dat blue blood bastards lex.’


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