If it had been possible to blag my way past security and onto the Right2Water stage on Saturday, this is what I would have said:

“They said when the water charges protest began that it was a threat to democracy. As a human being standing in front of a sea of humanity it’s safe to say, they got that one wrong. We’re the ones saving democracy.
The government, the regime they’d love to take voices like mine out of the equation. Voices at the sharp edge of austerity, voices at the sharp edge of a thousand economic cuts. Let me save them some trouble. Tonight I’ll be sleeping in a psychiatric hospital, up until two months ago I was dependant on methadone, I’ve spent most of my life being controlled in one way or another.  But that does not make what I have to say any less important, any less valid or any less legitimate than what comes out of the mouths of the clowns and failed school teachers currently playing at being leaders.
They aren’t even a government. They are a glorified press department for E.U officials, civil servants and insiders who operate under a veil of secrecy. Vulture funds and multinationals who operate in a protected environment of shadow economies and brass plates. But we are seeing through the smoke and mirrors to the lies beneath. The government, NTMA and NAMA have the cheek to tell us that they are acting in the best interests of the taxpayer. Which taxpayers? Because the people benefitting the most don’t seem to be paying much if any tax or contributing anything to this society.

We have a state broadcaster RTE, the R must stand for Regime because the state is the people. RTE is outsourcing its responsibilities to the BBC. It took the BBC highlighting money bags changing hands to expose the corruption of NAMA. Selling our country off to vulture funds for the benefit of a select few. The government has knowingly turned a blind eye, it might have something to do with the millions in offshore bank accounts earmarked for a government official. Again they tell us they are acting in the best interests of the tax payer. Again, what taxpayer? Cerberus the vulture fund standing to make the most from these rotten deals doesn’t pay any tax.

Cerberus – the hound of hell – who feasts on our island and the weakest members of society while we look around. We see food banks in our communities, we see children living in food poverty we see over six thousand people homeless a third of whom are children. Are we going to be known as the generation who stood by and allowed this to continue? Or will we be the generation who finally stood up and said ‘enough is enough’?

Natural diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and time. This regime has created a generation of diamonds who sparkle because of their flaws, not in spite of them. Diamonds are also tough and if you think feet on the street scare this government, voting terrifies them.

It’s time to take our responsibilities as citizens seriously. I’ve been to hell and back but the devil met his match and there is nothing in any of this to be afraid of, unless you have something to lose and that isn’t anybody standing here today.

It’s time for the Gardai to ask themselves if they want to continue being enforcers in a police state or to be a force which is respected and trusted. To continue the Stolkholm syndrome culture of fear, bullying and intimidation or stand with the people because at a time when the government fears revolution, it isn’t the army with a recruiting drive on. That one would backfire terribly on them because the army also defines the state as the people and stands with us.

The NTMA, an agency similar to NAMA borrows billions on international markets to purchase promissory note bonds from the central bank. These notes promise to remove billions from the economy. The central bank then destroys the money, we the taxpayers have to pay these loans back. So we borrow on international markets to buy notes from ourselves, which this year said ‘We promise to burn 1 billion Euros.’ The central bank removed 1 billion from the economy by burning it. In total  we’ve promised to burn 31 billion and to date in 2011 it was 3.1 billion in 2014 another billion and 2 billion in 2015. These bonds are bought at a premium and the real taxpayers will repay the loans with interest. They say they make a profit. A profit for who? It’s costing the citizens billions in schools, hospitals and homes.

They think we need a public order unit? The behaviour of this regime needs to be reordered.

I know how much voting terrifies this government, I tried to collect more than one voter registration form at Rathmines Garda station. I was told it’s limited to one per person, this is simply not true. Who are the Gardai protecting by limiting voter registration forms? Certainly not the citizens.

We are taught from an early age to fear revolution, we are told it leads to civil war. Does this feel like civil war to you? Or does it feel like fun? Have some fun, report these crimes, march on your local station to register your  whole area to vote and get out next Saturday for repeal the eight.

All of these facts are easily accessible and a matter of public record. Just search for Mick Wallance and NAMA on YouTube then let’s play a game. Mick Wallace was threatened by a member of Cerberus for investigating that vulture fund and NAMA.
It is a crime to threaten the safety of any citizen. Let’s play how many times can Cerberus be reported for crimes against the state and threatening an elected public official before someone sees the inside of a jail cell. Play it while you’re collecting your voter registration form.
Our economy and society is modeled on the behaviour of pigeons, survival of the fittest, everybody out for themselves the reality is more complex and beautiful than this regime can possibly imagine. In reality we are more like a flock of starlings, producing intricate, amazing patters all arising from one fundamental rule: no one bird is allowed to get lost. This is the type of society I want to see, where no one person is allowed to fall between the cracks, nobody gets lost and no person is homeless. Jobstown are innocent.

Sparkle like the natural diamonds you are.

Thank you.”

A special thanks to Pauline, Richard and Diarmuid, Jay, Harry, Marcus and Tara, Francis, Lubov, Dr. Crumlish, my nephew Davey and all the Daves who’ve helped my out through the years.

8 thoughts on “Dara

  1. Very good and true. if only we could get 25% of the people to think like you, we would have a great socity.i am like minded to your thinking and am extremly frustrated with the selfcentered people of ireland lately , i feel lost and i am fighting a losing battle and still i go on in the hope of converting a few to this total tragety that we are in ,How can we wake up the people of ireland and get them to see the light and not be afraid we are being milked by those who say they have a mandate from the irish people i dont think they do we should insist on the politions at the next election or now to examine the payments and expences they get and cut them to a realistic rate and no performence no pay who gives them the right to sell off our assets


  2. Way too much of what Dara has wrote and spoke about is true ….when do we all wake up to what has and what is going on in our tiny beautiful country …rip Dara … let ur passing not be in vain ….


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