CW: Write Or Die

Incredibly brave piece by a woman I have the privilege of calling a friend.
On the post traumatic stress of living with childhood sexual abuse.

The violence of silence has done too much damage to this country and us the people who live within the twisted state and social psyche which allows this silence to continue have had enough. I’ll hand it over…


People who make tastleless jokes are often testing boundaries. For some, it’s to see how far they can go before others take offence. The people who make jokes about rape aren’t all rapists. The ones who make racist jokes don’t always mean to be racist. The idiot who jibes that a woman should make him a sandwich isn’t actually expecting a sandwich. Not everyone who jokes is joking. Some people are deadly serious. Some people are waiting to see whether they can get away with something worse.

The person who made a joke about child sex abuse today definitely wasn’t a paedophile. I know this for a fact. That person knew, however, that I was abused as a child. They knew because I told them, many times. The very last time I confronted them with this fact, the paedophile who abused me was standing there in the same room and…

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