Apartheid health system. RTE gone fishin’.

RTE Investigates and credit where credit is due, three small fishes sacrificed to quell public anger, not even a loaf. RTE being RTE managed to induced exactly the opposite response in the population. No make-up, no kinda lighting, there was just no way of hiding the ugliness, face to jowel with washed up old symbols of an age that has passed. Ugly, grubbing worms devouring the fruit of a state built on corruption, naked self interest and looking the other way. Chubby hands dripping in gold, shoveling piles of imaginary cash into every available crevice. Can we at least take their pensions? Or is that too much like autonomy? 

Big Fish, easy to see, even easier to catch.

If RTE investigates takes requests, please go into how Brian Cowen is now sitting pretty on the board of the Beacon private hospital group, owned by Denis O’Brien. In a country where someone can put on a dodgy accent, fake a website and successfully bribe public officials. Is it that much of a stretch of the imagination that prominent party members can be convinced to continue on with policy? The old boys and Biffo are looked after and when your turn comes fella, you’ll be glad you played along.

“And once enough assets are striped the state will no longer be capable of providing public services.” [1]

I was lucky enough to give a speech earlier this year, without subjecting you to the whole thing, here’s lil me, a citizen raising the questions RTE should be raising, and slaggin’ Noonan off for blushing. While raising the possibility of them profiting from a privatised health system.

Some of my thoughts on Brian Cowen and Noonan. 

Back to this in a minute. Meanwhile in what passes as a tour de force of investigative journalism and Fintan O’Toole.

We know what we knew.

We didn’t learn anything new apart from how shocked people can pretend to be when faced with the tip of an iceberg they completely and utterly understand . Part of that understanding is acting shocked when the time is right. We also clocked Fintan O’Tooles blingin’ watch on Claire Byrne Live and that he just can’t seem to be able to help himself from addressing the officer class, ‘attitudinal’, maybe its his roots, he seemingly  talks for and to the people who matter, like people in Dalkey or D4. No wonder he’s all about dignity of labour. Keep the oppressive structures, pay bus drivers more, inequality solved. Equality is for people who matter. People just like him who have blinging’ watches, discuss the state of our state while the rest of us live a ‘dignified’, ya know, a quiet existence, cheerfully greeting our betters when they take a day out on public transport. Just don’t be getting notions about having some sort of say in how things are run.  The seen and not heard approach to inequality.

The citizenry looked on.

These servants, public servants, our servants happily pocketing cash to facilitate selling off our island. In the face of such utter contempt, disdain and disrespect for the people on display;  we know what we already knew. The political class is rotten, hopefully it will send the chattering classes into a frenzy of moral indignation. Here come the petitions and letters to the editor, like when they really bared their gums after the Moriarty tribunal.
Fintan has material to last until the next ‘scandal too far’. Where again the rotten, artificially still living Irish zombie state , unchanged in it’s power structures since its inception, lumbers on muttering ‘stability’, ‘growth’,’attractive place’. Literally sacrificing its own children on the alter of austerity, to the chant of ‘Growth’ the meaning of which has been so steeped in doublespeak, we’ve forgotten why we’re still going through with the ritual sacrifice thing. Noonan benevolently looks on, glowing at the confidence Europe has in Ireland. The markets have confidence in us. The ECB has confidence, we are, after all to quote Merkel: ‘The special child of austerity’.  Nothing colonial and paternalistic about that now. We have with the destruction of our economy, the asset stripping of our land, resources, houses, people, our health system, 3rd level education. Plunged a third of children into poverty.  After sacrificing all these and more we have their confidence.

Confidence that we will stick to the adjustments: asset strip the countries natural resources, sell them to investment funds or Denis O’Brien. Once enough assets are striped the state will no longer be capable of providing public services. [1]

The health service is also up for grabs and you’ll never guess who a quick glance can reveal is ready to cash in on all that human suffering.

Shots fired in propaganda war.

Leo has already begun shifting blame onto the hospitals he created a crisis in by under funding then fining them for A&E waiting times being too high. Underfunded hospitals find themselves in the position of having to turn non critical A&E patients away. Not so hard to spot the bad guy, and it won’t be the one with a nuanced argument for increased public spending. It’ll be the one the FG communication clinic go to war with, lazy public hospital chiefs. Maybe, but the public are no fools, the free market belongs nowhere near public health. We’ve figured that much out lads. A health service is part of the social contract, we get decent healthcare and the state lumbers on.

Private health care and medical apartheid 

Health spending is going to remain static, no increases, we signed that away. So we have a health system which grows larger every year.  But the budget remains the same, so an increased health system has to make do with less every year.

“That’s the standard technique of privatization: defund, make sure things don’t work, people get angry, you hand it over to private capital”

Noam Chompsky

During the austerity ‘adjustment’ budgets, adjusting what? Well mainly the structure of our society and how we value human life. Remember the mantra? ‘Private system recovery, public system reform.’ The private sector just needs a rest after all the nurses and unemployed people crashed the markets in 2008 with their fat cat demands for dignity. Its only fair the public take up the challenge of an under funded health system, right?

The structural adjustments included adjusting our health service to a private model, just not in one go. Currently we have an apartheid health care system. Private patients receive life saving test, my mother, a public patient was in Beaumont recently after collapsing. They kept her in for a few days, then discharged her with the words ‘We could run a load of expensive tests but with 20% of people the problem is never found.’ so an 80% success rate doesn’t cut it under the public system.

Private hospitals have been “slammed by HSE chief” for their ‘parasitic’ relationship with public hospitals. [3]  Forget post-theocracy, health care as charity is the dominant model and that means being happy with what you get. Even if what you get is substandard care to subsidise private patient care. The right sort which would have Dearbhail McDonald in spams. (If you don’t get the reference,  check out the link and our own encounter with Dearbhail here)

So we tolerate a health service which is rapidly declining into 3rd world conditions, structural adjustments. Health spending was cut in the following ways, and never increased:

“Health spending has been cut by 27% since 2008, resulting in an 81% increase in the number of patients waiting on trolleys and chairs in emergency departments. One-third of all children admitted to hospital suffering with mental-health difficulties have been put in adult wards and the waiting lists for youth mental-health services have increased to 2,818 people.” – Dr Rory Hearne [4]

This is the plan, as discussed previously and with world class economists at Kilkenomics. The plan is to take our 1st world country and turn it into a 3rd world country. [3]

That is what austerity does. As discussed with Bill Black at Kilkenomics. Ireland is on the route to a depopulated third world state. The original population just needs to be encouraged to leave. Or accept our place as an underclass, the road to Bangaldesh. It takes extreme wealth and extreme poverty, no more middle class.

At this stage we’ll all shortly be asked to stand knee deep in the sea as the land has been zoned for Kanye West when he’s in a Celtic mood, but he needs his space, for genius.  Those assets need to be sold to the same banks and investor groups we’re raising money to bailout. Selling the assets at a reduced price makes utter sense to a deluded finance minister. Noonan. Who happily explained how the unemployment figures are understated, you can read all about it here. Delusion: “Ireland: Government explains how it understates recession job losses”

The centenary approaches, foreign landlords are auctioning family homes, the cultural gap has grown so wide a large portion of the population isn’t even aware that food banks exist.

To quote and check out Loki:

“Can’t hear yis over the cries of willing victims of these blind economics forces, I tink i seen it all before yis.

Its time to start reaching out, organising and educating each other, nobody is going to for this for us.  I only got to give one speech, apparently ‘We don’t need you anymore’ was a bit too much.

Sorry to break it to yis lads. But the answer as it has been all along is democracy and faith in the demos. The demos means the people, the political class, we can’t expect anything but deceit from them, its time again, 100 years on to take back our pride.

‘Realise your dreams are no different to ours…’

[1] “…calls for stripping away the capacity of the State to provide public services. On the contrary.” 

[3] HSE boss slates private hospital as ‘parasitic’

[3] First to third world country

[4] Irelands austerity ‘success’ is no model for Greece.



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