Social Apartheid In ShantyTown

No way, an I had a score on D4.

Darndale, Finglas, Ballymun, Crumlin, Ballyfermot.
Shanty town is gonna be spread out over five of the poorest districts in Dublin. Wonder where they got dat idea from? Now lads yis do realise that at this stage we know exactly what social exclusion policies look like?
They look like what our self appointed betters class as ‘Problem Families’ being shipped out to a satellite estate or the more appropriately titled, sink estate.

Not to us, the habitats, or the districts or just the estates. Not part of civilised society anyway, that part is made clear, by civilised society. Social exclusion, excluded from society. The kind of civilised society which meets grieving families with blockades, sacrificing the most human reaction to save their property prices.

“Class politics, not at all, these sites were all chosen using empirical objective data, D4 you ask? Well it just wasn’t suitable for modular housing, after all, I mean come on… D4 is for people that matter” – Dr. Henry Silke, School of Journalism, University of Limerick. With his tongue firmly in his cheek, which coincidently is where most truths lie.

Highest rates of emigration since the famine, families with literally nowhere to go for the first time, since the great Catholic empire officially ran Ireland. Its a crisis of homelessness even though we have plenty of homes, 1600 empty apartments in Dublin city sit idle, waiting for that tide which rises all boats or sleeping bags or pre fabs. The underclass by design. Again only in the eyes of an increasingly shrinking set of self appointed betters.  A long, proud Irish tradition of holding our weakest members up as a disciplinary measure to the rest of society celebrated for 2016 by doing just that. And pretending this isn’t crisis by design.

Although ShantyTown won’t be sprouting up overnight, Alan ‘Get off my land, peasants’ Kelly has promised 22 IKEA gaffs by Christmas, so 22 out of 700 families get a prefab for Christmas. The same prefabs which ended 10 lives in 8 minutes. We all partied.

Lets be generous and say 3 kids per family. 2016 a century as a republic and the best we can do is reduce the number of children living in emergency shelter by 66, we’re still at about 2000.

Of course families made homeless will be welcomed into communities who have been leading the way with organic organisations distributing advice, donations, chats and a sense of belonging to the most vulnerable families and women who have been brutalised by non stop austerity cuts , forced from their homes and met with a cold sharp state. Who like to keep the violence hidden behind economic policy, easier on the eye, for civilised people like. Keep the violence structural and economic. Make sure they find their way to the right communities.

The same communities who are parodied as racist with no respect paid to the nuance of the situation, most immigrants don’t settle in leafy suburbs. Modular housing doesn’t go up in Blackrock, it goes in Finglas, Ballymun, Darndale, Clondalkin, Ballyfermot.  But its not like families are met with blockades. So I reckon we got the moral high ground on that one.

People just get on with things and if the prospect of sharing your street with people who are not like you in exactly every way presents problems so insurmountable as to make the day to day business of getting on with things impossible.  To the point where a blockade to protect your market share from the presence of traumatised children. Children who witnessed that inferno is required. You may want to have more convincing arguments than ‘They don’t look and sound like us.’ in your back pocket. Because workin’ class communities are fighting back with the brain not the brawn, and the more we see and hear the more we can tell where the lack of critical faculties lie. And it isn’t in any of Trinity Colleges ‘non-traditional’ areas. We got more convincing traditions. None of which involve turning away families who come to you for shelter and comfort. If the thinking which leads to those blockades being morally cool, a temporary dip in property prices. Having to share your turf, which you earned with some poor people, not just poor, travellers. Yup, that right there is some ordered thinking, up with the barricades and stand down the public order unit.

Ministerial cars when the minister for social protection is visiting what is also a food bank, they get met with blockades but we’re not farmers or racist in a middle class way and the public order unit reorders our thinking on that one. Just because it is her job to make sure citizens don’t have to rely on charity to stay alive, in the 21st century. Hungry kids don’t effect property prices, the public unit reordered our thinking with a lil pepper spray.

Here’s a quote with a few statistics from just after the equality referendum results:

“Coolock 88% Jobstown 85% Ballyfermot 90% Stoneybatter 86% Liberties 82% Darndale 80% Ringsend; 85%.

6% of people from Coolock progress to 3rd level. 88% voted yes, we meet attacks on our dignity with an understanding of exclusion. There was no fanfare or celebration of how we had ‘allowed’ the same rights, the implications of having that power over your fellow human beings have been made all too clear. Its time to break down the barriers,” says Dara Quigley, a young woman from Coolock in Dublin.

This latest indignity will be met with dignity. The Pavee community is going through a horrific time. Our thoughts, tears and rage is with them at this most sensitive of times. And when the time has passed the workin’ class has your back.

The violence of silence, the glower of power

The mainstream media and government has abused the Pavee community and these homeless families with their brutal silence in the face of rats, fire traps, dangerous conditions and City Councils who’d rather they just disappear.

These attacks, social, psychological, economic attacks the structural violence of austerity these are issues for all our communities. They are attacks on all our communities. And they will be met as attacks.

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