Not High Net Worth enough?

We are all individuals, but some are more High Net Worth than others this endows an individuality upon the consumer not found amongst the squeezed middle, the vulnerable or even the socially excluded who struggle when faced with the originality of the upper class.
Our own class prejudice is only a front just like your M&S catered marriage, in fact some of our best friends hail from the squeezed middle. In order to expedite conversations which touch on unemployment, welfare spongers or nurses selfish demands to a living wage on the back of their 72 hour shift we have included as part of our “It’s O.K to talk about class, seriously middle-class people we aren’t the source of your anxiety. What’s that? Oh a new iphone, feeling better?” Inter-class communications initiative. Do you find yourself about to jump into a conversation with the line “Welfare for people who need it is fine, but..” please, stop, drop and listen.


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